We’re Not The Only Ones Who Are Concerned

Here is a fairly new article by John McDougall, MD, against Colonoscopy: DrMcDougall.com

And a website about Versed: VersedBusters.blogspot.com


Before Your Colonoscopy, Read This

“You won’t remember a thing,” the nurse told me.

What I do remember is hell.

You’re about to hear my story. Not because I want to tell you, but because I wish someone had told me beforehand. Before I share my story, I want you to know a little bit about what to expect here.

1. You will hear a story, and every word is true. It’s not pretty. But it’s not gory either.

2. You’ll hear about medications. And possible abuses.

3. You’ll hear about my plan for the next colonoscopy. I won’t let them do what they did to me again. But there is a way to get through this.

And maybe I’ll tell you about the psychologist who counseled me after the depression that was brought about when I realized what I’d been through.

In other articles at this website, you’ll learn about medications, modern techniques, and monetary incentives that work against you.

There are a lot of reasons to have a colonoscopy. What we’re not told is what options we really have, and how abusive this process may be if we don’t do it right.

My story is not unique. What is unique is that you have the opportunity to hear about it before Continue reading

How do I schedule a Virtual Colonoscopy?

Your old-school specialist who has invested his or her time and money in the old-school colonoscopy will disagree with this but:

In a study of people at average risk for colorectal cancer, a screening technique known as virtual colonoscopy was just as accurate as traditional colonoscopy at detecting potential signs of colon or rectal cancer, and was less invasive Continue reading