Insurance Companies, Read This

My doctor told me insurance companies wouldn’t cover an anesthesiologist and Propofol. According to the Wall Street Journal article I read, my insurance company would cover it, though some would not.


Consider these issues:

1. Comfort is important to your patients. You pay for epidurals which make child birth less painful. Why? Because it’s modern medicine and it’s more humane. The same thing applies here. You should approve an anesthesiologist and Propofol as a standard part of a colonoscope procedure.

2. The patient is your customer. Everyone wants lower premiums, true. But they also want to be taken care of when they’re in pain.

3. Virtual colonoscopies cost less than regular colonoscopies, and for most people, most of the time, it’s all they’ll need. They cost $500 – $650 today… but that’s “retail.” Your scheduled or negotiated price would be much lower, just like it is for everything else.

4. The virtual colonoscopy carries no risk of bleeding or colon perforation, and requires no intravenous sedation, lessening risks and associated costs.

5. Anything you can do to encourage colonoscopies will save you in much higher costs associated with cancer treatments later.

It would make sense to require a virtual colonoscopy before you’ll approve a colonoscope procedure. As a consumer, that’s what I will require. And it should make business sense.

Your current gastroenterology specialists will complain that they haven’t had enough experience with virtual colonoscopies to make them reliable. While they fight getting that experience. Not acceptable.

The Wall Street Journal article opened with the sentence: “An increasingly popular approach to colonoscopies is making the test more comfortable for patients.”

Why is that so hard to understand? And what’s wrong with the goal of making things more comfortable for patients?


One thought on “Insurance Companies, Read This

  1. Ever consider the thought/fact that doctors and insurance companies are only after the almighty dollar. A hospital colonoscopy situation, is like an assembly room. THE doctors double book, running behind, dont get a chance for lunch, and end up being sloppy, and not careful on what they are doing.
    Double booking is an example of the more bodies done, the more money they get. Bedside manner in these cases are awful. MAYBE just a few seconds of their time, COld and detached..and hurry to get away from the patient. IF lack of training on this virtual colonoscopy excuse to get out of doing it…I would ..thats a crock! Now days the modern/younger generation prefer the “robotics/automation/computerized” ways over anything else. Even going a yearly pap smear, the medicals now days refuse to do a rectal exam..and instead..refer you for a harsh colonoscopy. THE breast exams arent done right either anymore, because they feel/think the “mammogram” machine will take care of seeing any lumps/bumps.
    When I had my colonoscpy done last week, the tech prepping me, was talking about how dentists are rip offs, and they really cant prove what one needs/dont need. One could say the exact same thing about the medicals (doctors) now days.
    WHAT its all about, is, how to rip off the working taxpayers. (Both doctors andinsurance companies do it..ALOT)

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