What should I do about a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is the best procedure for protection against colon cancer, a much bigger threat than most of us know. You need that test. But there are risks, discomforts, and sometimes excruciating pain. Here’s my plan, one I’d recommend to anyone:

1. Get a virtual colonoscopy. It’s more a CT scan… less invasive, and less risk. My primary care physician says that eventually, they’ll be very popular, but for now most insurance companies won’t pay for them. It’s worth the money. You shouldn’t be paying someone to hurt you.

And lobby your insurance company now to pay for virtual colonoscopies.

2. If the virtual colonoscopy shows polyps or something needing attention, get that done. It probably means a traditional colonoscopy. Insist on an anesthesiologist and Propofol. Insist. It’s your right.

Less than one-third of the virtual colonoscopies can be expected to require a follow up procedure.

3 thoughts on “What should I do about a colonoscopy?

  1. It was suggested by my doctor that I have a screening colonoscopy since I am over age 50. I took the prep, and on the day of the procedure, I was so looking forward to finally getting it over with!! The nurse in charge told me I would be givien demerol, and another drug that had a side effect of amnesia. She told me ” Don’t worry!! You won’t remember a thing!” Yeah right!!

    I was told to lie on my side, and medication was given by IV. I woke up in excrutiating pain, worse that child birth. Someone was pressing on my abdomen, and I could feel the poking around my intestines. (The scope would not go around the corners.) I screamed ouch, and begged them to stop. They would not stop. I pushed them away, and they did not stop. I fought back. They told me to “Relax!! You are going to hurt yourself” How was I supposed to relax in that kind of pain??? They kept trying over and over again, and finally they had to discontinue the proceedure as I was screaming and could not tolerate the pain. The scope was incomplete, they could not get around the last corner, so all that for nothing!!
    Later when I was in the recovery room the doctor asked me how much I remembered, and I told him, “The whole thing”. The doctor said that I had some “tight corners” He then said he wished he would have given me more of the drugs.

    I have bruises where they tried to restrain me. My neck is tight, and I feel dizzy at times. Threee days later, I feel sore spots where the corners of my intestines are. I have nightmares!! I feel exhausted traumatized, and betrayed!! The whole procedure was bararic and inhumane. I will never let them do that to me ever again!!!

  2. Six days ago I had colonoscopy and one day later I had 101.5 temp with chills and moderate stomach pain. Dr put me on antibiaotic and I then got severe diarea and he took me off of antibiotic[temp down] pain is easing, but still have diarea and feel washed out and sweaty everytime I get active….I’m loosing faith in the Dr. this is my third test and never had a reation like this, I wonder aboiut infections and transmitted deseases, any comments ST

  3. Ever have a doctor that you refused to lay another hand on ya to retest (because you failed the colonoscopy) get so peeved at ya they send you a nasty gram letter just to be a snot? That stuff is suppose to get to the insurance company or the doctor that referred ya, and then Im suppose to make and appt with the original doctor that gave me the referral and discuss the failure with them and move on. I spoke with my neighbor who knows this doctor in passing, and was shocked. I was told this doctor was the nicest they had. NICEST? My god, if thats what is considered nice, whats the worst doctor like?

    I got a call from the diagnostic place that does the virtual colonoscopy here in Virginia Beach Va. It costs 695.00 and it covers the bowel cleansing kit (explain if you cant drink the sodium jug that is usually forced on one by a regular G.I doctor), the test itself and the reading of the Xrays. Ill pay it out of my pocket instead of dealing with doctors, insurance companies that are “difficult” and cruel in procedures/treatment..and bully those that dont comply to their way of doing things.

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