About This Website

This website was originally posted by a writer and consultant who remains concerned about the lack of consumer information about colonoscopies. Following a bad experience, he established this website to create a forum for alternate information.

“Before my procedure, I tried to find information about colonoscopies,” he says. “What I found was nearly all from the medical community, and I bought their line.

“Now I realize I was duped. Before the procedure, the nurse asked me if the doctor had explained the procedure, the risks, and the side effects, and I said ‘Yes, he explained some stuff, but I don’t know if it was everything.’ She chuckled and said, ‘Don’t worry, you won’t remember a thing.’

“I hope people will use the information on this website to open a communication with their doctors, before finding a specialist, so the choice of a specialist can be made intelligently.

“I also hope this becomes part of the dialog that changes the monetary side of the equation so that insurance companies guide patients down a rational path toward better care.

“After all, you shouldn’t be subjected to unnecessary pain just because you have the wrong insurance company.”

This is not a medical website, and we are not giving medical advice. We are exploring options that should be considered by consumer-patients before committing to colonoscopies and similar procedures.

Yes, this blog is now closed to comments and closed to new posts. The information is here only as an archive because we think it’s important for you to know.